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September 15, 2013
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...Kurloz.  You grinned, trying to hide any of your previous apprehension at visiting your secret crush's hive.

"Hi Kurloz," you say raising a hand and giving a tiny wave.  "Can I come in?"

The handsome highblood grinned widely when he saw who it was at his doorstep.  He nodded and stepped away from the door, holding up an arm, welcoming you inside.  You grinned at him.

"Thanks, Kurloz."  You slid past him into the hive as he closed and locked the door behind you.  You turned to see him rubbing the back of his neck sorely.  You looked at him a little concernedly.  "Something wrong, 'Loz?  Your neck sore?"

He looked up at you and gave a half-smile, or at least what he could give of one anyway, what with the stitches in his mouth.


He blinked and pulled out a small notepad from his back pocket and scribbled something down onto it.  You looked at him in surprise.  Usually he would sign with his hand in order to communicate with you.  But, as you looked closer at him, you noticed that he wasn't looking too well.  It seemed that he was actually very tired.  The skin under his eyes was dark even with his face paint covering the skin.

He finished writing on the pad and held it up to you so you could read it.

Sorry, Sis.  I haven't been sleeping very well lately.  I think something might be wrong with my sopor supply.  That's actually kind of why I invited you over tonight.  I was hoping you'd be able to help me go to sleep.

You looked up at him in surprise.

"So . . . you just want me to get you to fall asleep . . . and then what?" you asked, looking confused.  Kurloz's smile disappeared as he wrote down his response on the pad of paper.

I was just hoping that you could maybe make sure nothing bothers  me when I'm trying to sleep.  i keep waking up during the day when I should normally be sound asleep.  If you could maybe tire me out or just help me make my hive quiet then I could fall asleep and finally be well rested.  I honestly haven't gotten more than five hours of sleep in the last four days.

You looked at him sympathetically.

"Of course I'll help you, 'Loz.  Is there anything you have in mind that you want to try?" you asked the Capricorn.  You felt sorry for him--you knew what it was like to be tired all the time as a result of suffering from bouts of insomnia since you were very young.  But the he-troll merely shook his head, shrugging, and wrote a reply.

I've honestly got no motherfucking clue.  Anything you think would help we can try.

He looked at you expectantly as if he was waiting for you to begin spouting off ideas.  You blinked a bit and stood up straighter.

"Oh, uh, have you got any tea or milk or anything?  Usually a cup of chamomile or a glass of warm milk helps me fall asleep."

The he-troll tilted his head a little and looked off to the side, thinking.  He finally wrote something down on his notepad and showed it to you for you to read.

I don't know.  I might have something in the kitchen.  Come on.

He put the pad back into his back pocket and put his arm around your lower back, leading you through his hive and into his kitchen.  You blushed in surprise at the sudden contact as he walked you through his hive.  He walked with you to his fridge and let go of you to open it up and look inside for milk.  He turned to you and shook his head.  You pursed your lips and began going through his cabinets for some tea, but your search for the chamomile proved to be fruitless as well.

"Darn it," you muttered, turning to him.  "Sorry Kurloz, I guess we'll have to skip the drinks.  Have you been eating enough lately?  It's easier to sleep on a full stomach."

Kurloz blinked and shook his head before reaching for the pad again.

I guess I haven't been motherfucking eating as much as I should lately.

You put your head to one side and gave him a hard look.

"Kurloz, you need to eat!  Why haven't you been eating that much lately?"

I'm just too motherfucking tired, Sis.

The highblood sighed through his nose, rubbing the back of his neck.  He looked really exhausted.  Your hard look softened and you gave a small, sympathetic smile.  You went over to him and gently took his arm, leading him to the kitchen table.  You helped him to sit down before you turned back to the cupboards and began to grab some things you saw to make him a quick meal that you knew would help him sleep.

You took down a skillet and heated the stove as you prepared some fish steaks along with a side of rice and garbanzo beans.  You remembered from a health class a long time ago what foods made one tired:  fish, wheat, rice, protein, etc.  Humming quietly, you continued to cook Kurloz's dinner.


Kurloz watched you as you slowly swayed your hips to the song you were humming.  His eyes studied your gently moving figure, slowly moving up and down your body.  Watching you seemed to sooth the dull pain he felt from a lack of sleep.  A faint blush rose up onto his cheeks when his purple gaze suddenly rested on your rear.  It moved enticingly from side to side and he had to shake his head to keep himself from being caught staring at it.

He tried to focus instead on the song you were humming.  It was slow and soft and sounded a bit sad.  His brows furrowed and he tipped his head to one side.  He was sure he'd heard you actually sing it before, but he couldn't remember what it was.  You sang so many songs when you were alone--sometimes he'd listen to you when you thought no one could hear you.  He always found your voice calming and hypnotic.

He breathed out slowly, contentedly, and leaned his chin into his hands as you finished cooking and began dishing out the food.


You brought the plate over to Kurloz and set it down in front of him, handing him some silverware before you went to get him a bottle of cherry faygo.  You remembered from your health class that cherry juice helped people to sleep soundly, maybe cherry faygo could do the same?

You set the bottle down in front of him and sat on a chair across the table from your friend.  He smiled at you and pushed his notepad toward you as he began to carefully push pieces of the food through the spaces between his stitches--you'd made sure that the food was soft enough that it could be torn apart and eaten in small pieces.

Looking down at the note you read:  Thanks for cooking me dinner, Sis.  It looks really good!  : o)

You looked back up at him, your eyes shining at his praise.  He grinned back at you, pausing from pushing food through his stitched mouth, and he took up the pad and began writing on it again.

So, what was that motherfucking miraculous song you were humming?

You swallowed and suddenly felt very shy.  You pushed his notepad back toward him, looking down at the table top.

"It's just one of the songs that I like to sing."  You shrug while Kurloz gives you a puzzled look, his brows furrowing.  Neither of you wrote/said anything more as he finished his dinner and you took his empty plate to wash it in the sink.  While your back was turned, you hadn't noticed Kurloz stand up and walk over to you.  He was watching you intently.

What's gotten into her?, he thought.  Was it something I said?

You turned off the water and dried the plate along with your hands before turning off the light over the stove and turning back around only to bump into Kurloz's chest.  You jumped back a little in surprise before you breathed out a steady breath.

"Holy God, Kurloz!  You tryin' to kill me?"  He smiled apologetically and held up his notepad.

Sorry about that, Sis.  What'd you wanna motherfucking try next?

You put your lips to one side, thinking.  Finally you looked up at him.

"Well, let's see . . . have you turned off your husktop and phone so that you won't be waken up by any messages?"

He blinked and reached into his short's pocket, turning off his phone.  He nodded and smiled at you again.

"Okay," you tapped your chin in thought and took out your own phone which you made sure was set to silence so it wouldn't disturb him if he managed to get to sleep.  You quickly searched for tips on how to fall asleep and stay asleep.  "Well," you began, "this site suggests eating a nice meal, check.  Turn off or silence electronics, check.  Ah!  Take a hot shower!"

You slide your phone shut and look at him.

"Maybe you should try taking a shower before you go to sleep."

He blinked a bit and looked away, looking uncharacteristically shy.  You put your head to one side and touched his arm to get his attention again.

"'Loz?  What's up?  Does that sound like a good idea, or-" you broke off as he quickly nodded in embarrassment and gently removed your hand from his arm.

I'll go take a quick shower, then.  Thanks.  You read his notepad and smiled up at him again.

"Alright.  I'll be waiting in the living room."  He nodded and left you alone in the kitchen, heading off for his bathroom.  You made your way through the many hallways of his large hive until you finally entered his darkened living room and made yourself comfortable on the couch.  You took out your phone again and began playing a few random games as you waited for Kurloz to come out of the bathroom.


You were lying on your back on the couch, swinging one of your legs over the edge of the seats as you looked up at your phone.  You were reading more on how to increase one's chances of getting a good night's sleep.  Most of it was things that you had already done or suggested to Kurloz.

Suddenly, you heard footsteps coming down the hallway and you looked up, seeing him standing in the doorway.  You immediately felt your cheeks burn at the site of him--all he was wearing was a pair of purple shorts.  His make up was washed off and his hair was slick down.  He held his notepad and pencil in one hand and a towel in the other.  He walked over to you and sat down.

What next?

It took you three tries to read what he'd written; it was hard to focus when he was practically naked right next to you on the couch.  You shakingly slid open your phone to the list and began to read.

"W-well, the site suggests changing the sheets on your bed, darkening the room, keeping the air cool, stuff like that.  But you sleep during the day in a recuperacoon, so-" you broke off when he held up a hand and flashed his pad.

I've got a few spare respiteblocks.  Some have beds instead of recuperacoons.  I could try to get my motherfucking sleep on in one of them.  I keep them clean and cool anyways.  You smiled and nodded.

"Alright, well . . . you should probably go and try to sleep in one of them now.  You're about ready to pass out it looks like."  He had started to nod off a bit on the couch and he nodded without much complaint.  You smiled softly and stood with him, letting him lean on you as you both walked to one of the spare rooms in his hive.

When you arrived, he opened the door and you walked with him inside to make sure he was settled in.  You pulled the curtains over the window and adjusted the temperature on the thermostat.  Kurloz had sat down on the edge of the bed, finished drying off his hair, and tossed the towel onto a chair in the corner.  He made a strained, muffled yawn and fell back onto the bed, exhausted.

You looked at him sympathetically and went over to him, brushing some of his wet hair out of his face.  He blinked up at you and gave a small, tired smile.  He rested his hands on his bare chest and closed his eyes as you carefully combed his hair with your fingers.  After a minute or two of silently combing his hair, he blinked open his eyes and sat up, looking around.  He turned, seeing his notepad on the side table and he stretched over to grab it, his muscles flexing slightly, causing you to bite your lip as you tried to force down your blush.

He quickly scribbled something and looked up to you intently.  ______, can you maybe sing me a song?  To help me sleep?  Your eyes widened a little and you hesitated before nodding.

"Which one?"

The one you were humming earlier.  It sounded nice and slow.  I'd like to hear it.

You immediately broke out into a wild blush, causing him to look surprised.  He reached out a hand and laid it on your shoulder.  It was warm and strong, yet gentle and caressing.  Your eyes fluttered closed for a second before you swallowed and took a deep breath, opening your eyes to look at him again.

"Okay," you said quietly.  "I'll sing it to you.  But you have to promise not to freak out or anything, got it?"  He looked confused and you sighed.  "It's not exactly a lullaby.   It's kind of a sad song . . . about . . . . . ." you hesitated for a long moment.  Kurloz leaned forward, his eyes bright and encouraging.  You started over.  "It's a song about, well, love."  You shrugged his hand off and turned away from him, embarrassed.  Kurloz sat in surprised silence for a second before tapping on your shoulder.  You turned to see him holding up his notepad, his eyes bright and hopeful.

Could you still sing it for me?  I'd really like to hear it.  You felt your breath catch as your (e/c) eyes slowly lifted to meet his intense gaze.  You held it for a moment before nodding quietly.  Kurloz gave a small smile and laid back down on the bed, his hair falling over the pillow.  You scooted over to his side and began to mess with a lock of your (h/l) (h/c) hair.  You took a deep breath and started to sing out into the dark, quiet room.

(Play song in description now!)

Kurloz let his eyes flutter closed as he silently listened to you sing.  Your voice was soft and angelic-sounding.  Your voice slightly echoed about the stillness of the room.  The song was a bit sad and lonely at first.  He listened to the lyrics as he felt himself grow more tired when suddenly his eyes flashed open and he felt his heart began to pound.  His eyes flew to your face which was facing your lap as you sang.  The song really was a love song, and you sang it with such emotion.  He had never heard you put so much soul into one of your songs before and he listened, breathlessly as the beautiful notes continued to flow from your mouth.

As you brought the song to a close, you felt his gaze boring into you, and you struggled to ignore it as you sang the song.  This was more than just another love song . . . it was a song you had begun to sing after you met Kurloz.  It perfectly summed up how you felt about him--about how you didn't want to feel lonely anymore and that you wanted him to love you as much as you loved him.

You finally ended the song and sat quietly, not sure of how to break the silence after you so blatantly wore your heart on your sleeve.  You were brought out of your miserable reverie when Kurloz sat up and took your hand in his.  Your head snapped up to find his face barely an inch or two away from yours.  His half-lidded eyes were full of heavy emotions as he brought a hand up to brush your cheek.  Even through his stitches, you could see he was biting his lip nervously.  You felt your heart quicken and were sure that it would explode if he didn't back away from you when he slowly closed his eyes and closed the distance between the two of you, his lips touching yours.

You almost gasped aloud at the affectionate contact, but you slowly let yourself relax as you brought up your other hand and held the back of his neck and delicately kissed him back.  He brought up his arms and wrapped them around you, his hands resting on the small of your back.  You ran a hand down his bare, toned chest, causing him to shiver and sigh into the kiss.

You continued to let your lips meld until you both had to break apart for air.  You panted, looking at each other, unspoken emotions swimming in both of your eyes.  He began to reach for the notepad resting forgotten on the bed behind you.

______, you have no idea how long I've waited to do that.  I'm sorry it took so long, and if you don't feel the same, but I really am flushed for you and I want you to know that I'll never let you feel so lonely if only you'll let me . . . I guess what I'm saying is that I want you to be my matesprit.  You felt your eyes slightly tear up as you looked up at him and you pushed his notepad down, taking his hands in yours.

"Kurloz," you began breathlessly.  "Kurloz, I'd love to be your matepsrit!  That song I sang, I started singing it all those months ago after I'd first met you.  But I thought you wouldn't love me back.  Kurloz, I love you.  I love you so much," you whispered to him, as he pulled you closer to him and laid down with you, pulling the blanket up to cover the two of you with it.  He took up his notepad one last time before setting it down on the nightstand.

______, I love you, too.  Forever and always.  Will you please sleep here tonight beside me?  You felt light-headed but nodded, snuggling closer to him under the blankets as he made a happy sigh and stroked the back of your head.
Yay! Kurloz is such a cutie~ >:33
Sorry it took so long, sweetie babes~
((Updated!!! So sorry, guys~))


What you sang:…




This fic (c) Me
Kurloz (c) Hus
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