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September 15, 2013
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...Signless.  You grinned, trying to hide any of your previous apprehension at visiting your secret crush's hive.

"Hi Signless," you say raising a hand and giving a tiny wave.  "Can I come in?"

The tall, handsome troll saw you and gave a wide, warm smile.

"Of course, ______!  I invited you over here, didn't I?"  He laughed a little and backed away from the door in order to give you room to enter.  You smiled thankfully at him and slid inside his hive.

"Heh, right thanks," you said shyly as you waited for him to close and lock the door again.  When he turned to you he was still smiling, his eyes shining with what seemed to be . . . excitement?  You wondered what the Cancer was up to as he came closer to you, crossing his arms over his lean, yet toned chest.

"I've got a surprise for you, ______.  I think you're going to like it.  But first, I'll have to ask you to take this," he handed you a long plastic bag, "and go into the bathroom to put it on."  You looked up at him in confusion.  What was going on!?

"Signless, why-" he turned you around gently, pushing you down the hall to the bathroom.

"Shhh, you'll see," he said, stopping in front of the bathroom door as you turned to look at him once more.  He didn't say anything more, just winked and closed the door behind you, causing you to blush bright red.  You turned to look in the mirror at yourself.  Yep.  You sure were blushing alright.

You glanced down at the bag you were holding and studied it a little before lying it down on the bathroom counter and opening it.  Inside was . . . WHOA WAIT, WAS IT A DRESS!?!?!?  Your eyes widened in surprise.  Why the in the holy hell had Signless given you a dress to wear!?  You were about to exit the bathroom and tell him that you didn't know what he was up to and that you didn't like it, when you saw a note attached to the hanger.

Dearest ______,
    I know this all seems a bit strange, but you'll have to trust me.  Please put on this dress I had Kanaya make for you and meet me on the terrace on the second floor.

You felt utterly confused by this whole turn of events, but felt your heart flutter in your chest with excitement.  Was this a date?  You quickly shook your head.  Why would the Signless want to date you?  Sure he was a nice guy and the two of you spent a lot of time together, but what was the chance of him actually feeling something like affection toward you?

You sighed and began the long process of sliding out of your clothes and into the dress.  It ended just below your knees, and had spaghetti straps.  It was black with some intricate red designs on the bust.  You smoothed the fabric out and looked at yourself in the mirror.  It was a surprisingly nice fit.  You had to hand it to yourself, you looked pretty good in a little black dress.

You glanced back down at the bag and saw that there was a thin, black silk scarf to wear as a short of shrug.  You took it out of the bag and draped it over your shoulders, fixing your (h/l) (h/c) so that it fell nicely around your face and over you shoulders.  You also quickly checked your make up in the mirror before nodding in satisfaction.  You were about to leave wearing your dress with your tennis shoes on, when you saw a pair of low, black heels standing by the door.  You blinked in surprise and bent over to find another note.

I hope these fit you.

You smiled a little and put on the new shoes.  They fit perfectly and you found yourself wondering yet again how it was that Kanaya was such an expert when it came to fashion and clothing sizes/designs.

You exited the bathroom, leaving your clothes folded on the bathroom counter and your shoes near the door.  Looking down as you walked to the terrace, you praised yourself for having shaved that morning after your shower.  You looked up when you came to the end of a hallway on the second floor that led out onto the balcony.  The shutters covering the door were closed, but a warm light seeped in under them.  You quirked a brow and reached for the handle of the sliding glass door, pushing it open.

You gazed around for a second when you froze.  The balcony with all of its flowering plants and low trees was decorated with red and gold candles.  There was a small table covered by a white cloth with two comfortable-looking chairs situated on either side of it.  There was a tall red candle in the middle and two plates with your favorite fancy meal on them.  There were tall wine glasses with a bubbly golden liquid in them.  You looked in surprise to the Signless who was wearing a much fancier black cape than he usually wore.  He wore plain black leggings and a long-sleeved black dress shirt.  His hair was perfectly groomed and he word polished black dress shoes.

He grinned, his eyes sparkling as he stood and bowed to you, taking your right hand and kissing the top of it.  You felt your cheeks burn as he opened his eyes again and grinned, offering you his arm.  You held it with both of yours, blinking and smiling shyly at him as he led you to your dinner.  He pulled out a chair for you and you sat down, adjusting and smoothing out your dress again as he took the seat opposite from you.

"Welcome, ______, to your dinner," he said in a warm voice.  You still looked a bit dazed and confused and you tilted your head slightly.

"Signless, what's going on?  What is all of this?"  His red eyes shone warmly as he tilted his head slightly to the left.

"Isn't it obvious?  It's a formal dinner date between two good friends as a way of thanking the other for always being there to listen to the first one's preaching and supporting everything he does."  You felt your heart race for a second--it was a date!  But he said that it was just between two friends . . . You felt your heart drop again and you looked quietly down at your plate of food.  Signless frowned, his brows slightly furrowing.  "Is something the matter?  Did I not cook your food enough?  I tried to remember how you liked it prepared."

You looked up at him quickly, shaking your head.  "N-no, everything looks really good.  Thank you."  You picked up a fork and began to eat in silence.


The Signless watched you with disappointment and puzzlement.  He thought you'd very much enjoy tonight's meal.  He had meant it as a way to not only thank you for being a great friend and follower of his, but to perhaps open up to you about how he really felt about you . . . how he'd always felt about you.  But you suddenly looked very upset.  Was it something he'd said?  It must have been.

He sighed a little and took up some of the meal on his fork, eating it slowly, deep in thought.  He began to wonder how he could possibly turn this dinner around and get you to smile again, to see your eyes shine once more.  He smiled slightly and scooted his chair back, earning your attention.  You looked up quizzically and slightly apprehensively at him.  He felt his blood-pumper wrench at the look but he pushed the feeling away.  I can fix this.

"______, I'll be right back, alright?”  Signless then disappeared into his hive.


You watched as the Signless vanished into his hive with a questioning look on your face.  You wondered what the he-troll was up to now.  You frowned down at your dinner and poked it with your fork.  Not like it mattered anyway.  He wasn't doing any of this out of love . . . you just a friend to him.  You sighed and pushed back your chair a little.  You honestly felt like leaving his hive right then and there--what was the point in staying if you never got any closer in having him realize how you felt about him--how much he mattered to you?

You stood up and pushed your chair back in to the table.  You were just about to turn and leave the terrace to go and find Signless and tell him that you wanted to go home, but when you stepped into the hall every light was turned off.

What on Earth? . . .You turned around to try and find the light switch, but all you felt was someone’s chest.  You jumped in surprise, gasping.  “W-what?  Signless?” you asked hopefully into the darkness.  You were just barely able to make out the gleaming of white fangs in the darkness as his voice shushed you.

“Shhh . . .”  You furrowed your brows and backed up a little.  You could hear him shifting something about and you wondered what it was that he was holding.  Suddenly, a gentle strumming could be heard and you felt your heart begin to slow as he began to sing a quiet song.

(Play song in description now!)

It . . . it was a love song!  You blinked in surprise, your face heating up.  Why was he singing a love song to you if he didn't think of you as anything more than a friend?  Your brows furrowed and you took another step back hesitantly.  He wasn't playing a cruel joke on you, was he?  Did he know how you felt about him?  Was he making fun of you?  No . . . that didn't sound like Signless, but you were so confused right now that you couldn't really fathom another reason.

He stopped playing as the song came to an end and stood in silence.  When he spoke, his voice was low and uncertain.  “______ . . . are you still there?”  You swallowed and wondered what to say or whether to respond to him at all.  Then you shook your head, trying to shake some sense into it.  Honestly . . . this is the Signless for God’s sake!  He wouldn't try to hurt me on purpose.  What the hell is wrong with me?  So what if he doesn't feel the same way, he’s still my friend!

You cleared your throat and took a step back toward him.  “Yes,” you said quietly.  More silence.  Then you heard him set down his guitar against a wall in the dark before his footsteps sounded close to you and you felt his hands rest on your shoulders.  You blushed even more intensely and took in a shaking breath.

“______, I’m sorry.”

“Wait, what?” you said, your voice rising.

“I said I was sorry,” he repeated.

“But for what?” you asked.  Your question was met with a tired sigh.

“I’m sorry if I said or did anything earlier to offend you.  I just . . . wanted you to have a good night but I guess I messed it up somehow.  I just . . . I thought that maybe you . . . liked me.  Like, more than a friend.  That was my main reason for inviting you over tonight, because I like you more than a friend, too.”  He stopped for a moment as if waiting for you to say something.  You stood in shocked silence and you immediately felt guilty for reacting the way you did earlier.  In fact, you were opening your mouth to apologize when you suddenly felt skin meet your lips, cutting you off.  Your eyes flew wide open in the darkness as your face burst into the brightest blush you’d ever had.  Signless was kissing you!?!?!?!?!?

You blinked in surprise a few times, trying to get control of your pounding heart and lighter-than-air head.  You let all of your previous doubt and hurt slip away as you stretched up to kiss him back.  You could feel him relax as you showed him affection back and you threaded your fingers through his hair, messing it up a little.  He slid his hands down from your shoulders and rubbed them up and down your back as your lips melded together before you broke away breathlessly.

He backed away for a second to flip on a dim lamp on a table by one of the walls before he turned back to you, his eyes soft and filled with emotion.  He took your hands in his and looked down at you lovingly.  “______, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to do that.  Even I have lost count of the days . . .” he trailed off, chuckling to himself and you smiled softly back up at him, taking one of your hands and brushing it over his cheek.

His eyes fluttered closed and he held your hand there.  You decided it was time to tell him what you’d been wanting to say for months now.

“Signless,” you began.  “I didn't mean to make you think that I didn't like you.  I was just . . . put off when you said I was just your friend.  It’s just that,” you took a shaking breath and he looked at you intently.  “It’s just that I really, really like you, too.  I actually love you, Signless.”  You blinked shyly and looked down, taking your hand away from his face.  When he didn't say anything else you looked up at him and saw that his mouth was slightly open and his eyes were a little wide, a small red blush dusting his smooth gray cheeks.  Then he broke out into a wide grin and hugged you tightly.

“Why didn’t you say so!?” he asked, holding you close to his chest.  You laughed a little and looked up at him.

“I could ask you the same thing, you goof!”  Your sparkling (e/c) eyes met his happy red and gold ones.  Your gaze shifted to the terrace behind him and you blinked a little.  You’d forgotten all about your dinner!  Signless turned around and followed your gaze.  He grinned a little, turning back to you.

“Shall we return to our meal?” he asked.  You grinned up at him and nodded politely.

“Yes, I’d like that.”  You both began to walk toward the door when he stopped just inches from it and gave you another intent look.

“______, I have to ask you one more thing.”


He paused, taking in a little breath.  “Well . . . seeing as we both care for each other on a romantic level, perhaps we could enter a matespritship?” he proposed, looking down at you hopefully.  You gave him a huge grin and quickly kissed him on the lips.

“I think that would be a great idea.”  He blinked warmly at you and brought you closer to him, wrapping his arm around you.

“Excellent.  I’m glad.”  With that, he led you outside to where your dinner was waiting, still warm.
Yay . . . I guess. Not my best, but I hope you enjoy~
Sorry it took so long, sweetie babes~
((Updated!!! Sorry!!!))


The song he sang:…




This fic (c) Me
The Signless (c) Hus
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