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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 6, 2018, 5:53 PM
xaineko / SkiuridS / Skiurid was caught using designs and swap copies of other artists in the adopt/OC community.  My purpose in sharing this is NOT to start a witch hunt, or to send others to hate on them.  I'm just alerting the community to prevent people from adopting more potentially stolen and/or heavily influenced designs.  I'm incredibly disappointed to see this happening while I'm babystepping myself back into the adopt community, and wouldn't want this kind of thing happening with any of my characters, adopts or otherwise.

(I myself almost adopted something from them yesterday when it popped up in my inbox, and I'm REALLY glad I didn't-)

You can read more about this incident in the journal link here:
Ripoffmaybe by Fluffomaru
(Some evidence from another artist ^ )

Let this also serve as kind of a guide of what NOT to do when creating inspiration pieces.  Copying colors of characters exactly while pulling the main themes and focal points of a character and applying them all to a new one isn't okay.


Keep your designs safe, guys.

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